Industry of Anonymity is the online home for the work of Jonathan Lusthaus, a writer and scholar specialising in the study of profit-driven cybercrime. Conceptual in his approach, Jonathan’s work attempts to make sense of the world of cybercrime, rather than report on its latest news. Oddly non-technological, with a background in sociology, international security and law, Jonathan focusses on the “human” side of cybercrime: who inhabits this world and how they are organised. The posts on this site are designed to make his work accessible to the broad audience of those with an interest in this area.

When he is not carrying out interviews around the world, Jonathan is based in the United Kingdom, where he is Director of The Human Cybercriminal Project at the Extra-Legal Governance Institute, University of Oxford. He also tutors sociology within the Oxford college system. Jonathan has written widely for academic, policy and media publications and has previously worked at a number of think tanks and universities.